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By Bhumika Bhartiya

In many aspects of life people and even children are being exploited in many ways. Augmentation of exploitation in society is harmful to the people and to the country as a nation-state. This post will discuss child abuse, something that every country struggles with eradicating. Courtesy to a number of reasons, the percentage of child abuse has dropped in many countries. But this has always been a topic which most nations prefer to keep behind the curtain because they want to maintain good relations with other countries. And yet there exist barbarians who expose children to abuse.




  1. Physical Abuse: This involves hitting  or invading the personal space of a child as a form of abuse
  2. Sexual Abuse: This involves using sexual acts or rape as a weapon
  3. Mental Abuse: this is the kind  in which the abuser attacks the mental health of a child
  4. Verbal Abuse: This form includes  words like a sword
  5. Financial Abuse: the abuser takes unjust advantage of financial problems the child may be suffering
  6. Identity Abuse: the abuser hits the weak spots of the child to make him feel helpless

Over one billion children face parental neglect!

Almost all children are prone to abuse and neglect. The police forces overlook thousands of child-abusing cases due to the involvement of money and big power. Child abuse sticks to the country like the plague even though some operations have been imposed by the Government of India.


In addition to this, the Protection of Children from Sexual Offence (POSCO) ensures seven years of imprisonment. Corporate Social Responsibility is a political strategy. It is introduced by the Government in which industrialists will focus on reducing child labour in their factories and protecting the rights of children.

Furthermore, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao-this operation is heard of by many and aims to educate each and every girl with their rights and to educate them on self-defence. Operation Smile-this states that every child has the rights to live their life as they want and to enjoy every bit of it and that they don’t have to limit their dreams for anyone.
Subsequently, SOPHIE HAYES was trafficked at the age of 24 and spent 6 months of her life selling her body out on the streets before she was rescued from the trafficker. She proceeded to found The Sophie Hayes Foundation which works to rehabilitate victims of trafficking. Furthermore, Out on the streets by their own family for money. In India, the population of girl children is so less that states like Bihar have to import women.



We all are privileged with amenities like education, health care and sanitation!

Moreover, children who are abused in any form are too young to know what is happening to them. Or if it is normal for it to happen.  In addition to this, Abusers take away these children’s childhood from them. As we dine at McDonald’s and wear the finest clothes, some children work eighteen hours a day. In a factory, while others suffer sexual or physical or verbal abusing.


Also, If you see any child suffering from any kind of abuse, give a call at the child helplines. We are providing links and toll-free numbers too.
India toll-free child helpline number- 1098
Trauma and Child Abuse Resource Centre- https://www.aacap.org/AACAP/Families_and_Youth/Resource_Centers/Child_Abuse_Resource_Center/Home.aspx


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