Aliens | Are they for real or a myth?

July 5, 2020 Blogs

By Vanshika K

People claim to have seen “flying saucers” over their heads in the sky above Area 51. People say that “extra-terrestrial creatures” have held them captive. They say that those creatures experimented on them before landing them back to the face of the Earth. Researchers working in Area 51 claim to have seen aliens and to have experimented on UFO’s and on the alien bodies themselves.

Is it all true? Is it all just a figment of people’s imagination? Or is it just a publicity stunt?

The CIA officially sighted Area 51 in August 2013 even though it had been operating and very much in use since the middle of last century (1955). Area 51 is a huge barren piece of land in the outskirts of Nevada. It is the hangar for the US Air Force tests and training. Furthermore, It was first created during the Cold War between the USSR and the US to test high-altitude aircraft that would not be easy to bomb-down by the USSR. Apparently, As the operation of the U-2 programme began, locals started reporting sightings of flying saucers. These were unidentified and roamed the sky with a flickering light. Subsequently,  People did not know what kind of operations were going on inside the Air Force facility in Area 51. In addition to this, This covertness fuelled a number of alien conspiracies.  Moreover, This news on being unidentified aircraft flying in the air is being travelled about though.  Furthermore, The US Government was compelled to oblige with the alien conspiracies. However, In order to hide the aircraft tests under a black cloak.  However, Robert Lanzar claimed to have seen aliens and to have worked on their spacecraft. He was the worker in the Are 51 facility, However, Then, in 2013, declassified reports became available to the public that revealed what was happening in Area 51. It revealed that top-notch secret Air Force testing programmes.  It has now shifted its focus on testing of drones.

There’s a number of things, however, that implies otherwise!

There’s a place somewhere on the humungous grounds of Area 51, the hoarding of which reads, “WELCOME, LITTLE A’LE’INN”. Substantially, Checkpoints parking signs have pictures of aliens and UFOs on them. Brothel banners read, “WELCOME EARTHLINGS”. Is it possible that Robert Lanzar was right? Perhaps, Is it possible that along with aircraft testings, Area 51 is hiding destructive, catastrophic complots underneath the austere surveillance? What do you think? Is it possible that the information about aviation training and testing is being revealed to us to divert our attention from what’s really happening inside the facility? Is something being hidden from us, something that threatens the whole of humankind? Want to know more? Click here!

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