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July 24, 2020 Travel Diaries


Doubtlessly, Towns and cities might be famous for their monuments and the food they serve or their trading business around the country. In addition to this, The city we will look into in this post is famous for trading business at low-level grounds. Furthermore, This city has a population of about 84,000 and is calledBalaghat.




Additionally, Balaghat is situated in south-east Madhya Pradesh. The town lies in a plateau region of the Satpura range. However, Rice, Millets, and pulses are main crops that get their minerals from the Wainganga River which washes over the land. Furthermore, One of the most famous and eye-catching villages of Balaghat is Mehendiwara which is built all around with red-roofed kuccha houses and red mud. Moreover, Weaving has been a traditional and primary activity in this village of Balaghatfrom ancient times.


In addition to this, About 80% of manganese produced as part of the Indian economy is obtained from Balaghatdistrict. Also, The recent discovery has found that even copper deposit at Malanjkhand is regarded as the largest in the country. Apparently, Bauxite, kyanite, marble, dolomite, clay, and limestone are the other main minerals. Substantially, The main copper mines are Bharweli and Ukra. Moreover, Balaghat contains 190.84 million tonnes of copper ore reserve. Moreover, which is 41.39% of the total national reserve.




1.     Rani Kamlapati Mahal

2.     Archeological Bakaghat museum

3.     Balaghat Puratan Sangrahalay

4.     Gangulpara Waterfalls

5.     Botanical Garden

6.     Hanuman Murti

7.     Malanjkhand copper project

8.     Bajarang  ghat

9.     Rajiv sagar dam

10.  Rampayli Temple

11.  Dhuty Dam

12.  Nahlesara Dam

13.  Lanji Fort

14.  Gomji-Somji Temple

15.  Maa Kalipath Temple

However, The population and geographical area of the town ofBalaghat may not be much but the town still attracts people to it. Additionally, It has its way of being low-key and at the same time is appealing to people. However, Balaghat has no shortage of natural minerals. Apparently, which has led the people to run their own businesses of handloom and khadi production. Undoubtedly, making it a good spot for sustainable development.



People of Balaghat have made judicious use of the minerals available in the area

Substantially, With the help of government amenities, people have established successful businesses without messing too much especially, with the availability of resources. Doubtlessly, The Balaghattown really adds to the pride of the nation, setting an example of the efficient use of resources.

Undoubtedly, Balaghat is the ideal place, particularly, to visit if you like to study resources, their availability, and their usage. Also, Don’t forget to share your views of this town in India!

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