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October 7, 2020 Blogs, Environmental Awareness

Be-aware of Snare | By Jisha Abbasi

Be-aware O’ Be-aware

Deadly is the pollution snare


Nature’s wreath showing the ugly face

Flood fury, fire, and earthquake.

Pandemic suffering on its high

The end of the world seems very high

Wisely, Act, before too late

Nature’s clarion to the human race

If I give, you to care

Preserve land, water, and air



Be-aware O’ Be-aware

Deadly is the pollution snare


Government authorities do their part

Controlling menace by different drives,

But a common man must act smart

Adhere to rules, save dear lives.


Earth is not owned, it is a legacy

Consume resources with altering delicacy

Let’s not trapped in pollution lair

Nip the evil then and there



Be aware O’ Be aware

Deadly is the pollution snare


Let’s try to do our best

By polluting earth less & less.

And conserve nature’s source

For the coming generation & the rest.

Be aware O’ Be aware

Deadly is the pollution snare


Take the oath to stop pollution

Join hands for finding a solution.

Commence awareness campaign

Safeguard humanity from stain.


Be aware O’ Be aware

Deadly is the pollution snare



Much is done, need is more

Grow more trees is the only cure.

Leaking taps or plastic waste

Needs attention with haste.

Care for small things, apply your wit

Big things will shape bit by bit.


Efforts bear fruit’ is not rare

Decimate pollution with a glare.


Be aware O’ Be aware

Deadly is the pollution snare.




This poem has been written by‘JISHA ABBASI’ to alert people about the danger of environmental pollution. Through this poem, the poet wants to bring awareness among the people. So that they become committed towards environmental protection.

Today natural disasters are increasing due to environmental imbalances. Disasters like floods, earthquakes, landslides indicate a growing danger of destruction. Due to pollution, both the form of nature and human life are being distorted. In such a situation, there is a need for us all to work together so that we can save our land from the outbreak of this pollution.

Government and private institutions are playing their role, in such a situation, we will also have to be determined to follow government policies and rules towards the environment.

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