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July 15, 2020 Food stories

By Bhumika Bhartiya | Burhanpur | A SWEET GESTURE

As per Indian tradition, when someone starts something new their elders give them something sweet to eat. Because we believe eating something sweet before starting something is known to be a good deed. So one of the famous towns of Madhya Pradesh, I’m talking about today is Burhanpur.



Mainly all the restaurants provide Mughlai cuisine there

Burhanpur once was the cultural capital of the Mughals. Its architectural gems which are inspired by Taj Mahal and other monuments.

Burhanpur lies just north of Tapti River and south of Khandwa, it lies in Satpura range act as a geographical frontier for the Burhanpur district. Almost all the Mughlai cuisine are spread all over India. These small towns depict the actual beauty of Indian tradition, how people live in a culture where their support and respect each other cultures. While respecting their dishes which comes from different towns.

Though Burhanpur is famous for small food stalls in Khandesh region it is famous for its mande- a handkerchief size- rumali roti and jalebis are its centre of attraction there and Daraba.



Some of the most amazing food items you would really want to try out once you go to Burhanpur are:-

  1. 1. Daraba- another name is laddoo which is made with wheat dehusked (maida) with perfect sweetness and with the balance of perfect cardamom flavour.
  2. Mawa Jalebi- People are crazy about its perfect texture, the perfect balance in flavour, the crisp, the size, from around every states people come to just taste this perfect jalebi. In Burhanpur everything is made by them even every day they prepare their own made mawa or in other words, it is also known as khoya.

We talked about the delicious foods in Burhanpur but let me mention where these mouth-watering sweets are available so you don’t need to roam around and get lost in the city.

  1. Burhanpur Jalebi Centre- is one of the most talked-about and popular amongst all the shops in Burhanpur. Semolina, ghee, sugar mixing all the items you will get a perfect jalebi.
  2. Milan Mithai- it is a town signature sweet. Here you will find the dabara full of sweetness, soft as silk. Made with a lot of hard work and with lots of love.



Burhanpur is widely known for its sweet food

The people hold a welcoming attitude towards tourists. It is also a place of heretical importance with all its forts and high walls. It is also a place of religious significance. The food at every corner of Burhanpur will take you on a wild ride of taste!

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