Moving Out of Depression

July 10, 2020 Trending Subjects

By Rida Abbasi

It’s very difficult to move on from the stress-full period of depression. But you have to. While moving on, a wide variety of things take a toll on you in a number of ways. You are, after all, willing yourself to move out of a bottomless pit. But it is a pit with nooks and niches where you can keep your hands and feet and pull yourself back up.




◆Tightly hug someone

It is a scientifically proven fact that when you hug someone, the positive vibes get transferred to you, and the pressure, stress, and anxiety lower to a significant extent. You need at least six hugs a day to keep happy. Be it friends or family members or your pet, hug them, and rid yourself of some of the negativity clouding your mind.

◆Try not to think too much

When there’s nothing productive to do, the mind wanders over to untrodden paths. These psychological paths may not all be beneficial. Thinking too much will only deepen the depression. Try to divert your mind, do something you like to do. Immerse yourself in work that keeps your mind away from the stress.



◆Keep away from the source of negativity

You can boost your happiness by detaching yourself from negativity. Many times, depression is triggered by someone who keeps projecting their insecurities and negativity upon us. Keep away from such people because they will only add to your anxiety. Instead of investing in those kinds of people, try doing something philanthropic. Making someone else joyful and happy will, in turn, make you happy.




Moving onward is hard because depression is not a daily occurrence. We are only just learning to stand up for ourselves and understand what’s bad and what’s good for us. It takes time. But with consistent efforts and belief in one’s own self, stress, depression, and anxiety will feel like a piece of cake. You need to dig deeper into what caused you to feel a certain way and then you need to peel that particular thing off of yourself. You may have to deconstruct your belief system, you may have to lose people close to you along the way. But hang in there. Because in the end, if you find yourself, it’ll all be worth it.
Do whatever you want to do. Don’t suffer someone else’s pressure. Do what feels right to you and what makes you feel happy. If you need any help, visit the following website.


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  1. Yours says:

    Very nice i want more

  2. Being yours says:

    I want more blogs

  3. Tera says:

    Hey! This is your first blog and you did so well

  4. arpit verma says:

    meri dost pehle ek depression patient thi but aapka ye blog jb usne pda or bo ye chize krne lagi jisse uske andar ab bohot changes h …
    so thank u miss to give us these great view to deal with depression ….
    now I also applied this mood lifter ..this give me hope jisse sab sai ho jata h ♥️♥️♥️

  5. Devanshi says:

    Keel it up….

  6. Amazing blog
    This is help us to keep away from negativity.

  7. shivangi vishwakarma says:

    very nice explanation this is very helpful thanks alot

  8. Kajal says:

    At present time, people are suffering from depression instead of other disease.people are taking their lives, committing suicides, they think that this is the last option. your content is different from everyone, i appreciate you.

  9. Yash Shrivastava says:

    Good Start ….keep going & motivating

  10. Memer Tiwari says:

    Extraordinary Fantastic mind blowing mam 💛😍

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  12. Aman khan says:

    refreshing after lockdown by taking enjoyable movement to take away from depression

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    Fantastic Rida 🙌🙌🙌

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    Well done🤗🤗Keep on motivating like this

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    Keep up!!!!!

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    Amazing…keep the good work going..all the best for ur future writings☺

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    Fantabulous 👌👆👍 keep writing

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    Nice blog keep it up I felt very good after reading your blog. All the best for future

  20. Rishabh sharma says:

    Nice blog keep it up.I felt very good after reading your blog good work.All the best for future

  21. rishabh says:

    Nice blog keep it up.I felt so good after reading your blog good work. All the best for your future

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    Literally it’s amazing and quite helpful too

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    Good one Rida

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    Amazing yaar rida well done 💯
    Keep it up 🤗☺


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