Fahim Saleh | The CEO found a dismembered body

July 17, 2020 Trending Subjects

By Sonia Singh | Fahim Saleh

In New York luxury Condo, the CEO found a dismembered body of a ride-hailing motorcycle app.

On Saleh, A relative called the police after going to check and creating the gruesome discovery. A clothed torso responding officers discovered, police said, in the living room bags containing arms and head and the electric Saw.



Around 3:30 p.m., the victim identified as Fahim Saleh was found at…

Furthermore, it was the same place where an electric saw was left Behind, Police said Wednesday, the dismembered body of a 33-year-old tech entrepreneur was found inside his luxury Manhattan condo.

On the lower East side, Tuesday inside his luxury 7th-floor apartment, in connection with Saleh’s death, there have not been any arrests.

Showing Saleh exiting an elevator that leads directly into the full- floor, investigators also recovered security video. In addition to this, before to this, two-bedroom apartment, Tuesday afternoon followed closely by someone entirely dressed in black, including a mask, enforcement official, according to law, who was briefed on the case. Between the two ensuing, it also shows a struggle at the entrance to the apartment.



Before that person fled out a back exit, police believe that the relative may have interrupted the Intruder

After an autopsy found the cause of death was multiple stab wounds to the body, the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide.

Moreover, the great man Fahim was an inspiration. A great leader, and a positive light for all of us, said the company. And confirmed his death on Twitter Wednesday

Whether the Killing could have been related to Saleh’s business dealings, investors were exploring. From the neighborhood to try to locate the suspect, they were also checking the camera security video.

As a self-taught businessman, Saleh’s LinkedIn biography described him. Who in his experience founded the Gokada building first. “Seeing an opportunity in his parent’s native country of Bangladesh”. And beginning that country’s largest ride-sharing company.

Sell for more than $2 million, apartments in the 10-storey building where Saleh’s remains were found.

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