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July 13, 2020 Food stories

By Bhumika Bhartiya | Tour to the Gujarati land

Some foods authentic to India are also available outside of it. But the mouth-watering taste is can’t be copied. However, The right amount of spice, the right amount of sweet can only be balanced by Indians! One of the many such Indian states with food and taste like no other in Gujarat.

Gujarati food is famous for its wide variety and distinctive flavors

One common thing about the food Gujaratis make is that they use gram flour. If you are looking for just the right moderation in spicy and sweet, if you wish to try out how traditional and authentic food tastes, Gujarat is your place. Moreover, If you want to get a taste of every corner of Gujarat, make sure to try these Gujarati dishes out: Khaman, Salim Bhai’s Burger, Sev Usal, Dabeli, Khakra, Gordhan Thal, Fafda and Jalebi.

Let me mention that everything is made out of gram flour. And Gujaratis every time reconstruct their dishes and make something new out of traditional dishes.

Some popular dishes and the ingredients used to make them are mentioned below

  1. Salim Bhai’s Burger- they make different types of food items like sandwiches, egg burger, aloo Tikki burger, jam roll, veg burger, cupcake. He is widely known among Gujaratis to be the one to make the best egg sandwiches.
  2. Khaman- gram flour is combined with water and semolina, sugar, ginger, green chili paste, lemon juice, and salt. The end result is a yellow, spongy cube that feels like it’s melting as we place it in our mouth.
  3. Dabeli- it is one of the most popular Gujarati dishes. Indian bread is baked first and then it is stuffed with an elixir of ingredients that tastes magical!
  4. Sev Usal- this is a Gujarati snack made with boiled potatoes with added dried green chilies, onions, garlic paste, sweet chutney. The garnishing is done with coriander or mint leaves. It is street food and is served best with a bottle of coke.

Though Gujarat is famous for fabrics, Statue of Unity, colorful and vibrant clothing, and export of gypsum (crystal), the state has more to it than that. Furthermore, the Gujarati food, National Parks like Gir where you can find Asiatic lions and the Rann of Katch, to name a few, are worth trying out for anyone who loves to travel and eat Indian cuisines.

You can also find many more mesmerizing facts, click here! Also let us know what you feel after reading this blog, in the comment section placed below!

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