That strange spirit encounter in Lonavala!

July 1, 2020 Blogs

By Sonia Singh

Haunted places in Mumbai!

Haunted encounters happen in real life sometimes!



A guy named, Akshai Sthalekar proved himself to be an investigating officer of paranormal incidents for the past 7 years, who was from the Indian Paranormal Team. In Pune and Lonavla, the paranormal expert Sthalekhar’s team organizes ‘ghost walks’ fairly regularly.

In case you do not understand what it is, a ‘ghost walk’ is just as a heritage walk, only spooky. Paranormal investors take you around several different places rumored to be haunted hoping to catch some of the otherworldly phenomena unfold before their eyes.



Top 10 haunted places in India

On the outskirts of Mumbai, Lonavla is said to be a romance paradise, especially in the monsoons and winters. It is also equally near to the hearts of ghosts and suchlike. In the hills of Lonavla, during such a ‘ghost walk,’ Sthalekar noticed such thing that defied scientific explanation.

And then came two heavy loud knocks on the screen and whatever it was, shook the car. It was past midnight and was totally a windy night. Sthalekar and four other peoples were traveling with him in a small car and stepped for a smoke.

Haunted places in Mumbai

Frequented by the tourist’s lots of waste such as safety alcohol bottles, several packets were thrown behind, when the team was at one of these Lonavla points. “The wind was blowing from east to west. Suddenly, an empty beer can floating on the ground was flung southwards at high speed, defying the strong currents of the wind. We returned to our car only to see that the windscreen had gone all misty, that too from inside. It is a practice among investors at this point that we suspected something unnatural going on and asked any presence if it was there to make it visible to us.

“At this time, the friends of Sthalekar piled back into the car. Suddenly, there were again two heavy loud knocks on the windshield, but no one was around. “And then suddenly, the car shook, as it was a tin of biscuits or something else.



Ghost Encounters

We sat still and turned on our devices that indicate the presence of spirits or some other supernatural powers and they started blinking frantically,” he recounts. They also claim to use an app, developed by an American, which records different voices of paranormal beings. In the recorder, the recorded voice is of a woman speaking in muffled Marathi. But it was all very scratchy, “he said.

Indian paranormal society’s approach 

Sthalekhar proceeded to ask her, that who she was and how she dies. The spirit answered him and said that she visited Lonavla many years before with her friends. I lost her for a while and I heard her saying, she fell off the cliff nearby….” Sthalekar said that he wanted to ask a few more questions to her, whether she wanted ‘Mukti’ (release) from this realm, but before he could ask any other question they lost her. The loud noises of shouting and shaking lasted for a couple of minutes and then things went back to their normal position.

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