How humans are more similar to animals than different?

July 5, 2020 Blogs

By Vanshika K | Humans behavior

Researchers are constantly working on ways to understand animal behaviour, intellect and daily habits. The kingdom’s enormity is both astounding and agitating to them because animals hide their secrets better than humans and their secrets can’t be uncovered without very close observation. On the journey of understanding behavioural patterns of animals, researchers landed on the revelation that many animal behaviours and traits are similar to that of humans.

Horses travel in herds

They are very social creatures. They need their herd and herd leader to thrive. Much like humans. We also are a part of a social hierarchy. We are all dependent on each other to be at our best. In fact, it has been proven that a person can die within about two weeks if he/she has absolutely no human contact! Moreover, these herds follow the patriarchal system of hierarchy. Very much like the society that we live in. 

Dolphins are very social and fun-loving creatures as well and they structure their lives around their pod. The size of their brains is astonishingly larger than that of humans. However, it is still not fully known what they use their brains for. Dolphins are known to possess a grace and an understanding of emotions that we normally only associate with humans. Dolphins can recognise their reflection in the mirror and also feel complex emotions like empathy!

Mice possess weary and all-time hungry eyes

Like ourselves; be it hunger for food or be it metaphorical hunger for our ambitions. Mice can also grimace! They can show with their facial expressions when they are in pain or hurting. 

Pigeons have worked their way deeper into the way our minds work. They can play a good gamble. We, as humans, tend to take the risk when the stakes are higher because we’re looking for a big pay-out. But so do pigeons. The gamble can be in a game of poker or the way we make our daily-life decisions. 

Elephants have figured out a way of mimicking our vocal sounds. They can’t say “hello” to us but they definitely can give us the vocals of the word. Elephants are civilised creatures that mourn for their lost fellas. They surround the body or the remnants of it and stand in silence before moving on with the group. 

The above information gives you the basic idea of how mentally connected we are to animals. But the connection is being played with way too much. When we go near an animal, we are walking on thin ice. The animal will either die or he will make you suffer for killing their kind. The instinct, the impulse stays the same. And it is to survive. If they are able to survive by killing the animals of the other kind, they will not hesitate to do that. 

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