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July 29, 2020 Trending Subjects

By Shivangi Vishwakarma |  Violation of the fundamental allicense (right to the Internet)

The right to the internet, further known as the right to broadband the idea that all societies should be able to access them in order to utilize and recognize their rights to states that may not unreasonably ban someone’s access to the Internet.



Violation of fundamental allicense

In part 3 of the Indian constitution in articles 12 to 35, fundamental rights are listed. In these fundamental rights, the issue is that the internet and internet security are not apart.

Issues related to the right to the internet

People in Jammu and Kashmir treated as citizens or subjects?

It’s almost been a year since the Jammu and Kashmir government removed the ban on 4G Internet. Furthermore, The SC’s have served little fundamentals out of its writ. Also, In this duration, the whole world uses 4G internet but in Jammu and Kashmir people are not enjoying it.

On 3 August 2019, the government said that overnight the speed of the internetincreased.



Is internet freedom being sacrificed for National security?

Administrative decision to block 59 Chinese apps has once again spotlighted the vulnerability of internetfreedom and national security. However, Indian people used Chinese platforms like TikTok to become popular. Substantially, Genuine national security necessitates blocking of foreign apps.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, internetspeed in Jammu and Kashmir has reduced again. People residing in that area are facing numerous problems working and studying from home. This classifies as a violation of the right to theinternet.



It is the responsibility of the state to ensure that the people have access to good speedinternet. TheInternet is the way to do that. If we want a digitalized India, then the violation of the fundamental right to theinternet must stop.

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