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July 1, 2020 Travel Diaries

By Sonia Singh

Jump on for Kerala tourism!



In India, if you are looking for a Southern gateway, to plan your escape, Kerala India is the perfect destination. Honestly speaking, you are at the perfect spot to experience a tropical vacation, famously known as “God’s own country.  However, In the tropical Malabar Coast of India, Kerala is the picturesque beauty, which is located. Apparently, In your dreams, you can go as far as you can, and to look forward the lifetime memories and adventures, you must find the best options as well.

Furthermore, To unwind in the midst of swaying palm trees and spice plantations, the backwater of Kerala state stands as an ideal location. Moreover, Go on an evening stroll exploring the tropical landscape of Kerala map and soak the aroma of coffee.

The best ever Kerala capital has much more to offer!

Substantially, For a blissful vacation, in this southern beauty, find all the information about comfortable homestays or luxurious houseboats in Kerala with Wroteforu’s traveling blogs and experiences. Moreover, With us, you are bound to have a hassle-free trip, with what you’ll learn from us.

In addition to this, We have worked on to amalgamate the traverse plethora of experiences in Kerala. Dive deep into the serene backwaters of this piece of paradise. Substantially, It’s time to go off the beaten track and discover the hidden Gems of Kerala.

Also, we want you to be quite more than just being satisfied with your journey and share your exquisite moments with your family and friends through us!



Kerala Map is simply amazing for its guests!

Driving through an amazing landscape of nature 10 ideal road trips!!

Apparently, In god’s own country Kerala, Kochi City is one amongst the most famed cities. Kochi, for the right amount of reasons, culturally diverse this sprawling Cosmopolis is widely renowned as the queen of the Arabian Sea. 

Furthermore, The city also has a reputation for being the seat of the Portuguese empire for quite a long time. In these heydays with a history that date backs, to the Easter year era. However, To route towards the sizzling destination in Kerala.

Additionally, On the outskirts, apt for a road trip, Kochi Kerala City has many mesmerizing destinations. Subsequently, As the handbook, gradually takes a detour towards several places. So hold on your horses, and get ready a blast that serves as ideal destinations for a road trip from Kochi City.



From Kochi to best places for Road trips are available here| Thanks to Kerala Government

Want the best road trips from Kochi City? The wait is over. Moreover, Loved for its scenic beauty, countless, fascinating escapes are surrounded by the thrilling destination, renowned as Kochi Kerala City. Furthermore, If you are scrounging a chilling weekend getaway, then here are some of the best spots for the road trip from Kochi City.

  1.  You can go to Munnar which is 126 km away from Kochi
  2.  The next option is Kanyakumari that is 296 km from the city of Kochi.
  3. Thirdly, Allepi could be a good option, which is the nearest (67km)
  4.  Trivandrum is what, tourists prefer while visiting Kerela. It’s a trip of 2 hours, accounting for 207.2 km. 
  5. After this, Trissar can make you feel alive. It is 85 km from Kochi city.
  6. Vagamon is the most beautiful of all.  That is, 110 km.
  7.  346.5 Km from Kochi is Mysore.
  8. Kochi’s next most visited destination is Athirapalli (67km)
  9. Fort Kochi is within the periphery. It is somewhat more or less within a range of 5 km.

All set? What are you waiting for? Go on and set your hearts on fire to visit this auspicious location, well-appreciated as god’s own country!

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