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Some cities are full of heritage sites and are also famous for their food and its traditional way of cooking. In India, every town has its own unique way of preparing some of their traditional dishes. The town I’m talking about is Mandu which is also known as Mandav. It is famous for its ancient buildings built by great rulers. What Mandu is little known for is, heart-breakingly, its food. The food is authentic to Mandu because people make it in their homes! The rates are low and the taste is high as a skyscraper.



Though it is very small in area, the visitors in Mandu are in large numbers because of its heritage views

Since there are many tourists, people in Mandu have started small scale businesses to supplement their daily income. These businesses are that of food. What’s special about the food in Mandu is that people make it with their own hands. It is the place for you if you want to be away from home and still enjoy homey food. It is famous for its Bhaigan Ka Bharta, Arbi Ki Sabzi, Dal Bafla, and Dal-Paniye and Malai Kofta. The taste can’t be found in any place other than Mandu. The reason being that the locales make it traditionally. On the main road of Mandu, you can find extraordinarily delicious Samosas and Aloo Parathas at a low price.

There are some restaurants where you can find food that you will love and recommend you, friends and family, for sure.

  1. MPSTDC Malwa Retreat
  2. Hotel Gurukripa
  3. Relax Point Restaurant
  4. Shivani Restaurant
  5. Malwa Resort



The people in Mandu prefer to keep their recipes private But whatever they add, the end result is indescribable in taste!

It is a treat for the eyes and the mouth. The inexplicably delicious food is topped off by the otherworldly views of the monuments that Mandu is known for.

The beauty of India lies in the perfect blend of diversity and disparity. One gets the idyllic food to eat in an idyllic place where the mind can be at peace. It is a small town with a huge history behind it. One can only understand the culture and history of India by visiting rural places like Mandu. The welcoming nature of the people there will surprise you but it will be a pleasant surprise. The people in Mandu will welcome you with open arms into their homes and give you the taste of what traditional food is supposed to taste like!

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