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July 21, 2020 Blogs

By Shubham Sah | Why is Meditation Important?

Human beings are the most complex organisms on planet Earth. And they need to take charge of themselves to use this power in its prime. Something that helps people take charge and control of themselves is meditation.

Meditation is something that can really help you overcome your fears and do what you want to. Meditation relaxes the mind and organizes your thoughts. It also helps you focus more on your work.



It entails focusing on your breath

Once you master this practice, it will be almost impossible for anything to distract you from your work. Evidence shows thatmeditation can even cure cancer. It helps out with the depression and anxiety that sets in with physical health problems.

Furthermore,meditation helps manage stress, face fears, and sharpen memory. Mastering the skill of keeping still and letting the mind focus on something as simple as breathing will take time. It will probably take you about a month to properly meditate. But I assure you, you will see its positive impacts on your daily life within a week.



Meditation first came from a Hindu tradition, Vedantism

It has been in practice since 1500 BCE. Gurukuls and ashrams practiced meditation techniques and taught them to the students. It is a Hindu belief that a person’s length of life is determined by the number of breaths he takes. This is what acharyas practiced. They learned to control their breathing to an extent where they lived over a hundred years. Hindus believed thatmeditation is a representative of the fact that the solar system is made from us and we are made from the universe.

Meditation Benefits

  • increases the vibration of energy within
  • reduces stress
  • reduces anxiety
  • improves focus
  • curbs health problems
  • makes you feel calm within.

Guru ofmeditation-

There are numerous gurus that can guide you throughmeditation. One of the greatest and most respected gurus is Satguru. He is the founder of the Isha Yoga Centre. His teachings and techniques are renowned and well-respected all over the world. There are programs online in which you can enroll if you want a guide formeditation. If not that, you can watch some tutorials on social media.



Meditation Techniques

Visualization meditation- in this type ofmeditation you just need to cool off and breathe. You let your visualization take over and picture what your ideal world looks like.

Benefit- the law of attraction will take action and you will feel more motivated than before to achieve what you want. Picturing what you want makes it more likely for you to get.

Chant or mantras meditation- in this type of meditation a person chants specific mantras according to mudra.

Benefit- this type ofmeditation helps alleviate physical and psychological ailments.

It is thus aptly called a way of life. Regular meditation can change the way we live for the better. The feeling of calm and peace helps you be more joyful and cheerful. Meditation helps get the negativity out of a person’s aura and makes the people around them feel more comfortable with them.

Let us know what you feel about the benefits of meditation and what your journey has been through it! Happy reading! For more amazing blogs, click here!













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