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August 14, 2020 Trending Subjects

By Jisha Abbasi | Mental health – In the time of corona

It is said that – Life is a beautiful journey but today this journey gets interrupted and at a risk due to noble corona. The whole world has come to a standstill, and the reason is COVID-19.

On Tuesday, 24 March 2020, Prime Minister of our country declared on national television that the whole country would be under lockdown for twenty-one days in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. This moment was frightening for every individual. It has turned our lives pell-mell. Even in our dreams, we could not have imagined ourselves safe and secure.



This noble corona has changed our life entirely. It not only affects our social life but give an impact on our financial and mental status also. This virus not only attack on our physical health, but it paralyzed our minds also. So it is very essential to be physically as well as mentally strong. For being mentally and physically strong, we have to follow certain precautions and guidelines set up by the govt. and health departments.

It is a crucial time to keep your mind fit and healthy. Here are some tips that are given to maintain your mental health:

  1. Get connected:   Mental stress causes depression and anxiety and it happens due to loneliness and social isolation. In that situation, the best remedy is to get connected to our love one’s like friend and family members. We can often call them or arrange an online meeting and try to celebrate a happy occasion. It can be helpful in strengthening mental health during the time of this pandemic cause by COVID-19.


  1. Engage yourself: Sitting idle for a long may bring negativity of thoughts or can become the reason for disturbing mental health. So it is good to keep yourself engage in doing something creative. Your hobbies like reading, cooking, online courses, or watching TV can help you to maintain mental health in the time of coronavirus.



  1. Stay physically active:  In the time of corona, it is very difficult to go for a long walk or doing the workout at the gym. But we have to find a way to keep ourselves physically active because physical activity benefits our body and mind both. We can go for a walk, even in small spaces or try some yogic exercises as well.


  1. Stay calm:  The graph of mental illness could be raised during the time of Covid-19. Here it is very essential for every individual to take care of his/her emotional health and try to stay calm. Instead of getting panic, we should take certain precautions. We should also do several things which make you feel good.

Make a routine

Normally when people don’t have a routine or plan for a day it can create anxiety and give stress to their mind. As mental health should be the first priority in this situation of covid-19 we recommend a regular routine. Having a routine can be helpful to form good daily habits and make you feel more productive.

As the whole world is facing a pandemic due to covid-19. Here different measures may be necessary in order to avert this calamity. An individual should be mentally as well as physically strong to beat this covid-19.



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