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July 17, 2020 Blogs

By Bhumika Bharitya | Omen | MYTHS OR SUPERSTITIONS

Somewhere inside, all our minds are governed by myths and superstitions. These myths could be something born out of our own mind or something that’s been known for generations. But we all are not totally blind to those superstitions because we also believe in practicality. We take all actions as per our calculated minds, though many of us still somewhere believe in superstitions just because we are forced to follow them by our elders. This blog will look over some myths and superstitions. We will also talk about omens; good omens and bad omens.



Many of you must have heard of some good and bad omens that sometimes seem ridiculous to us!

But have you ever thought where all this comes from? In ancient times, people believed that omens are signs from God to convey a message or to predict something about the future. Omens are basically considered to be a natural phenomenon like an eclipse, unusual births, sacrifice of animals for victory in a venture, and so on. The diviners are believed to share a connection with God and tell us what omens signify. If something unpleasant is about to happen, diviners get an ominous feeling. It basically just means that they have seen a bad omen.


  1. When a butterfly flies inside your home- that means some good fortune is coming your way, it might be related to your personal life or your career. But don’t try to catch it! It might turn your good luck to bad.
  2. Meeting up with a cow- a cow is a sign of prosperity. If you see a cow coming your way that means good fate is coming your way.
  3. The appearance of the rain and the sun simultaneously- the day when there is a shower of rain and also the sun is shining is supposed to be good for your career or relationships.
  4. A shooting star- A wish will get fulfilled in thirty days. You will get well soon enough if you are sick. You will make up if you have just had a quarrel or you will regain a lost thing soon.




  1. Breaking a mirror is known to be a bad omen as it is said to bring seven years of bad luck.
  2. If you find someone knocking a door three times, from ancient times there is this statement when if your right-eye blinks continuously it is told to be a good fortune, but if you left-eye blinks, so it is a bad fortune. it might be the calling of your death. This belief prevails in Irish villages as well as native American towns.
  3. There is a myth in the Indian culture that most girls will familiarise with. When we are throwing away our fallen hair, we are told to spit on them before throwing them. It is said that if we don’t, we will be prone to black magic.
  4. Another popular example of bad omens is the twitching of the right eye. It is, in some places, also said that in men, twitching of the right eye is a good omen.




Trees symbolize health and prosperity. But if you see a tree falling, in a dream or in real life, it is considered a bad omen. A falling tree can mean death. The death could be of anyone or anything. It can also mean that you’re pursuing the wrong life and career choices, choices that will lead you to a dead end.

Many of us still believe in superstitions while others have developed more rational thinking towards subjects like good and bad omens. Let us know what your opinion on the same is!

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