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July 27, 2020 Trending Subjects

By Shivangi Vishwakarma | Online education | Pros, and Cons

Can online learning replace school classrooms?

The Covid-19 outbreak has disputed academic year canceled class is an examination across the country to ensure online classes screen time of a student increase Maharashtra has banned online educational classes from pre-primary to class II and Karnataka and MP government also extended the band till class 5th.



Pros and cons of online vs offline education

According to me, I do not think online education have increased screen time. Children have been addicted to screen ever before the pandemic.

To conduct online classes, schools are not depending only on the screen. They’re including various activities in their lectures like kitchen activities, yoga, games, painting, drawing, etc. efforts are being made to keep online education as helpful as can be.

Children have always stuck to or resorted to the internet for educating themselves or for working on assignments. Online education, for me, is thus not much of an issue. The problem with online education, however, is that some families do not have the proper technology or the proper network to be a part of online education. Some families do not have access to electricity, they have problems with power cuts and some areas still don’t have data towers.



Online education is a necessary step, though

Being in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, no risks can be taken. Offline education will be way too careless to begin now.

SWAYAM platform is a Hindi economic platform for students to study at. This platform, supporting online education is one of the best a student will find. It helps aspiring minds to reach great heights and make the best out of the online courses it offers.

The pandemic has made the democratization of equal distribution and learning opportunities drastically important. Onlineeducation has, however, helped enhance the learning quality. Platforms like Coursera offer a wide variety of courses. Highly qualified professors teaching in the US or the UK give lectures to students through the ease of their phones and in the comfort of their homes. In addition to that, these platforms also give out certificates on the completion of each course. It is easy for students to approach onlineeducation when they can study whenever they want.



The aforementioned were the pros and cons of onlineeducation. While there are things that makeonline education a better form of learning, there are also things that make it more difficult for some to learn through electronic devices. Here’s one thing we can all agree on, hopefully. Offline education is a more interactive and expressive form of learning. Let us know your views about the pros and cons of online education!



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