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A historical town, Orchha is located in the Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh. The town is surrounded by a very heavy collection of historical places, gardens, buildings and traditional housings. It was the seat that was self-named by the former princely state of India in the Bundelkhand region. Furthermore, The historical resolution derived its name from the phrase ‘Ondochhe’ the meaning of which is “hidden” or “low”. Orchha’s beauty is ameliorated by forests lying alongside the Betwa river.




Chief Rudra Pratap Singh of Bundela founded Orchha in the sixteenth century. He was the first king of Orchha. Then after him, the kingdom was given to his son Bharti Chand. Bharti Chand shifted the capital Orchha from Garh kunda because the site was better for battle against the growing Mughals. After almost ten years of mayhem, Bir Singh Deo became the new king of Orchha.

In addition to this, He is the greatest Bundela king of Orchha. On the suggestion of the latter, Bir Singh Deo murdered Akbar’s closest advisor, Abu Fazal. As a vengeance, Akbar’s army conquered it the same year. Bir Singh Deo’s cruel act was rewarded after three years with the ascent of prince Salim to Jehangir. Jehangir fixated Bir Singh Deo as the King of Orchha. Subsequently, Bir Singh Deo was a great builder. He got built a number of palaces and houses in Orchha and not just there. He also constructed both the forts of Jhansi and Datia and the temples in Mathura.


Orchha is a small town on the bank of River Betwa in Madhya Pradesh. It is located at a distance of sixteen kilometers from Jhansi. This town is popular for historians and photographers. Additionally, It is full of architectural work like fine paintings and heritage sites.



These are some of the most widely known sights in Orchha

◆] RAM RAJA TEMPLE: Ram Raja temple is a well-known temple of Orchha. This area of the temple was used as a Citadel of the kingdom of King Madhukan Shah. Later on, it was changed into the Ram Raj Temple. Legend has it that one night, Lord Rama visited Madhukan Shah’s dream and told him to fix his statue.

◆] JAHANGIR MAHAL: This is the most impressive place in Orchha which is in the central of Madhya Pradesh. Jahangir Mahal is the brainchild of Raja Bir Singh Dor. It was built in the sixteenth century. Subsequently, The confluence of Islamic Hindu architecture reflects through its rooms, gates, terrace, and doves. It is a living example of similarities between two diverse religions. Moreover, This palace looks gorgeous at night under the artificial light. Jahangir palace leads Orchha’s charisma.

◆] LAKSHMI NARAYAN TEMPLE: It was built in the seventeenth century. This temple receives a lot of tourist attention and is not something you want to miss if you go to Orchha. However, The structure of the temple is a unique style of architecture and the inner walls are elaborate with décor splashed on them. This temple is also known for its mural paintings.

◆] RAJ MAHAL: It is located in Tikamgarh which falls under the Orchha district. It is two kilometers far from the city. This is also known as “RAJA MAHAL”. Furthermore, The most prominent feature of this place is its big towers called “CHHATRIS”.


Chatteris (Cenotaphs) are in a total of fourteen to fifteen. Orchha Chhatris were built in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries of the rulers of Orchha. However, These are located far away from the fort, monuments, and houses. Here tourists can enjoy the look of the magnificent monument and their reflection in the Betwa River. Most of the ‘Chatteris’ was designed in the Panchayat style which is more popular and frequently visited by the tourists due to its exquisite design. Also, These Chhatris were built for safety reasons as a way of a fortification.

It is, apart from being a heritage site, an ideal place to see the sun setting on the horizon in all its glory and majesty.

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