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October 7, 2020 Blogs, General, Trending Subjects

Protection of women, the need of today | Written by Yashrab Bano

The woman is the most wonderful gift of God

A woman who gives birth to live, a woman is a symbol of the prestige of the family and a woman is a basis of building society. Women have played an important role in Indian society. In our country, women are considered as the form of  Maa Durga and Maa Kali. Not only this, but they are also worshiped as Maa Laxmi. But today the scenario of society has changed.

News of abuses of women is being heard and seen in newspapers and news channels day by day. Accidents like domestic violence, molestation, and adultery with women are becoming common. Not only women, today even a small girl is not safe.         Efforts have always been made in society regarding women’s safety and the rights of women. Be it Sati or widow marriage or forced labor and or forced marriage has always been the subject of discussion and improvement. But the problem which is a matter of concern for women today is the incidents of rape and adultery happening to them.



Rape and sexual assault cases are common today

Women are not safe even in offices, institutes, roads, hotels, even homes. Not only women, but even small girls are also becoming victims of this cruelty. According to the data of the last two years, in 2018 there were more than 34 thousand rape cases, which has increased by 30 percent in the year 2020. While 72 percent of women have been tortured in rape and adultery, the same 28 percent of minor girls were also made victims of this evil-crime. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and West Bengal including Delhi are ahead in such accidents.

Rape has become the fourth most common crime in India. The reason behind the increasing crimes of adultery and sexual harassment in society is due to the increasing immorality and cruelty in men. Many times, men display their strength to inferior women due to their frustrated beliefs. Being mentally ill by falling into bad habits like intoxication, they carry out such incidents. The law system of the country has also not been proved to be 100% effective in this area. If crimes like rape and adultery are to be stopped, the law and order will have to be tightened. Talking about women’s protection and women’s rights and making laws & policies for them is not enough. It has become mandatory today to give women defense cover on the ground of reality.



Women also have to understand that they are not helpless or weak

It is very important for them to believe in themselves and to enable them physically. Rape, adultery, and sexual harassment are the only forms of exploitation, all of which reflect the ill-thought of men. Today society needs to work together to prevent and deal with these evils. A healthy society, faith of everyone – Through this basic mantra, we will be able to give our society the form of a civilized society again. So let’s step together and get the women back their respect…



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