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July 15, 2020 Blogs

By Anjali Kanal | Public Speaking

Public speaking, in other words, oratory skills means sharing verbal communication with an audience. Or speaking to a group of listeners. I would say informal or impromptu speeches to a group can also be considered speaking publically.

I don’t think there is a fixed definition for orating publically. However, I also think Public speaking is an art form and not necessarily based on any theory because varying techniques and styles work differently for different people.

I remember, when I gave my first speech; hands were shaking, a wobbly voice for a while before I gained back my composure.



Why Public Speaking is Important?

I understood after my first speech that orating publically, acts as a confidence booster in one’s life. I became much more confident in my day to day dealing with people. However, I saw that I was better able to handle relatively difficult topics. Public speaking made it easier for me to communicate with people without feeling anxious.

Public speaking is important for a few more reasons:

  1. Effective speaking skills help in career advancement.
  2. If your job entails orating, then imagination, critical thinking skills, and management skills are considered important.
  3. It helps improve personal networking, influence decisions, and inspire change.
  4. An important aspect of it is presentation skills without which significant achievements in one’s career would be difficult to attain.

Types of Public Speaking

It is of the following types:

  1. Entertaining: Usually standup comedians/artists involve in such public speeches as it is their bread and butter
  2. Politicking: Politicians/leaders are involved in this type of orating to woo their electorates
  3. Executive: Business leaders are involved in such public speeches to motivate and address their employees, stakeholders, vendors, etc.
  4. Personal: Students or people in their personal capacity are involved in this type of public speaking while talking to a group of people.


Tips for Improving Speaking Techniques:

I consider the following as important tips:

  1. Plan properly in your mind the topic you want to cover
  2. It is ok to feel butterflies in your stomach
  3. The speech should flow fluently and should be effectively organized.
  4. If you are not able to connect with your audience then it would be for naught. Identify topics that will pique the intrigue of your audience.
  5. Ensure that you keep entertaining your audience by throwing in some humor in between or else it will become more of a monologue. Just remember how much you hated to sit in the school classrooms before you give a one-sided speech.
  6. Above all, remain confident!

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