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Pune, also known as Puna is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Undoubtedly, Pune is the eighth-most populous city in India, with an estimated population of about seven point four million as of 2020.

Pune is also called “The Queen of Deccan”. A copper plate of the Rashtrakuta dynasty has the earliest inscription of Pune (937 CE) in which the city is referred to as Punya-Vaishya, meaning sacred news. By the thirteenth century, it had come to be known as Punawadi.

“Punya” means holy and “Vishaya” means land Aurangzeb renamed the city as “Muhiyabad” sometime during the seventeenth century in memory of his great-grandson Muhi-ul-Milan, who died here.



What is Pune famous for?

Pune might not be the biggest city but it has as much to offer than any other town, if not more. From being the cultural capital to the education hub of the country, Pune has a lot to offer. To help you figure out your way around the city, here are a few things you can do:

Oxford of The East: Pune (or Puna) is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and has earned itself the nickname, ‘Oxford of the East’ way back in the day – to its association with the fields of theatre, literature, science, art, etc. as a hub for learning.

Currently, the University has over ‘four hundred fifty-five affiliated colleges, and two hundred thirty-two recognized research institutions’. Now Pune has a vast number of educational institutions that span almost every field of study you could imagine – literary, arts, science, commerce, law, medicine, etc. that continue to attract scholars and learners from far and wide. A film institute with the name “Film & Television Institution Of India” (FTII) that has produced big names like Naseeruddin Shah, Mithun Chakraborty, Rajkummar Rao, and many more, is also based out of Pune.



Pune | The Birthplace of Badminton

As early as the 1870’s, British officers stationed in Puna (a garrison of the British Empire) developed a variation of the ‘battledore and shuttlecock’ game – which was very popular at the time. This newly derived game was called ‘Poona Game’ and the rules are said to have been drawn up here first (said to have been at Ammunition Factory in Khadki), in 1873. Later on, the game was carried back to England by the officers from Poona, re-dubbed ‘badminton’, was then further developed into the game we now know today.

Historical Sites: Pune is a hot-spot for historical sites. For tourists and locales alike, there’s plenty to discover in this city. From ancient Wadas to former Palaces, bustling markets, to warrior memorials.  And even a 169-year-old library. If you have limited time to explore or are looking for a quick tour of Puna’s most popular historical sites. Check out the Pune Darshan Mini-Bus Tour by Redirect here. Of course, places like Shaniwar Wada and Aga Khan Palace have a firm-rooted place in Pune (and India’s) history, but there are also lesser-known sites that are worthy of your time and attention, and you can read about them here.

Outdoor Activities

From the hilly slopes of the Sahyadris to vast freshwater lakes (Khadakwasla, Pawna), and the ‘table-top’ Deccan plateau, Pune has direct access to the ‘great outdoors’.  This makes it ideal or special for adrenalin junkies and adventure-seekers. Pune is also a place to the first-of-its-kind specialty private indoor climbing gym – Rock Aliens Climbing Gym, and (currently) the only pump-track in Western India – Spirit of Mogli.



What is the specialty of Pune?

People: First specialty of Pune is the people of that place. They are extremely humble and hard-working people.

Language: The second specialty of Pune is the language. Almost all of the people can speak English. And just about all of the Pune people can speak Hindi with fluency. Thus, there won’t be a lot of problems in the aspect of communication with the locales.

Connectivity:  Pune has its own airport. Bus services and train services are also very efficient.  Mumbai is three hours away from Pune so international travel is also easy.

City of Yogic Culture: Pune has many famous ashrams where you can learn meditation and yoga.  The famous Osho Meditation Center is also inPune. You can see a lot of people learning and doing yoga/meditation here.


Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated. With great devotion and passion. During this time, everywhere in the cityPune you will find Idols of Lord Ganesh in Pandals. And a lot of people celebrating this sacred festival by offering their prayers to Lord Ganesha.

Nightlife: Puneis also famous for its nightlife. If you like to party, there are many bars and pubs in Koregaon Park. And other areas which remain open till late at night. Also, almost every restaurant serves a good collection of alcohol here.

All of these things make Punespecial and a must-visit for anyone looking for a fun trip with family or friends!

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