Breaking the Stereotypes

July 12, 2020 Blogs

By Bhumika Bhartiya

What is racism? Why does it happen? Who is the cause?
Contrasts make us beautiful. We can only respect each other if we are different from each other. We all look for validation in the form of compliments. Furthermore, We accept different people with different notions, convictions, and welcome them in society. But we have out-casted people who we think don’t fit into our stereotypes. This is where it all starts, discrimination based on skin color.



We call ourselves educated but we can’t educate our minds to stop racism in our clique

We all are being distinguished based on skin color. Every country has its diverging approach towards racism. If we talk about American history, a question has prevailed over the years- what color are you? The question is beyond humiliating and makes people feel like what matters is the color of their skin, not their intelligence or knowledge or experience.

This humiliation and overlooking caused black people to protest and fight for their rights. From recent reports in the USA, everyone is fighting the government to stop racism which is more popular in social networks. A number of notable, social figures were seen protesting against the government and fighting for the notion, Black Lives Matter.
A number of petitions were filed against “fair and lovely”, a beauty cream brand, by a Mumbai resident named Chandana Hiran. She filed a petition with and the brand then had to change the product name to “glow and lovely”. This change opened many minds as well as many eyes.  And that people of all colors deserve equal communal and personal rights.



George Floyd, an African-American man, was killed by the police on the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota

The released video of his murder spread like wildfire and horrified people all over the world, sparking protests all over the US. Racism in America reached new heights with the release of many such videos. If we talk about India, in earlier times when India was under colonial rule.

The following best-selling books are enlightening on the subject of racism: The Open Society and its Enemies and Black Skin, White Marks.
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