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July 21, 2020 Travel Diaries


Raisen is the biggest district of Madhya Pradesh. It has ten tehsils and two hundred and twenty-four villages. Raisen is part of Bhopal Division.

Also, The District is situated between the latitude twenty-two forty-seven north and the longitude seventy-eight forty-nine east. It is bound in the north by Vidisha district, in the west by Sehore district, and in the south-east by Sagar district. Furthermore, The total area of the District is eight thousand three hundred ninety-five square kilometres of the state’s area.




Raisen is named after the king’s name Rai-sen. In addition to this, Raisenfort has been an important centre of administration from the time of the Hindus. Also, The fort was first ruled by the Sultan of Mandu in the fifteenth century. Then it passed to the Rajputs. In 1534, Sher Saab Suri captured Raisen from Puranmal. Furthermore, Raisen was the headquarters of Sarkar in the Subha of Ujjain in Malwa in Akbar’s time. Then the third Nawab of Bhopal occupied Raisen in the seventeenth century. However, Raisen is forty-five kilometres from Bhopal.

RAISEN FORT {QILA}:- Raisenfort is an eight hundred-year-old fort. It has nine gateways, fortifications, domes and the remains of several buildings from the early medieval period. Furthermore, It has a vast water reservoir, palaces and a few temples within the fort. It’s now an abode to hundreds of bats.




Raisendargha is Dargha of HazratPeer Fateh Ullah Sahab. It is located at the beginning of the Raisen border. Substantially, Every person who goes via this road is always first to go to the Dargha Sharif and take blessings then move on to their destination.



BUTTERFLY PARK IN RAISEN:- Madhya Pradesh’s first butterfly park is open for the public in Gopalpur,Raisen. It is spread over three hectares of land, and the park houses around sixty-five species of colourful butterflies and one hundred and thirty-seven varieties of plants. However, The tickets are also reasonable, ten rupees per person.

Mahadev pani waterfall: It is an amazing place to visit in the areas ofRaisen. Moreover, you can go there with our friends and family members. The main attraction of this place is the waterfall.

Sanchi:- Apparently, It is a historical place in the Raisendistrict. However, The Buddhist monuments at Sanchi are a world heritage UNESCO site. It is located inRaisen, forty-six kilometres from Bhopal and thirty-two kilometres from Vidisha.

Bhojpur Temple:- The Bhojpur temple in Raisen houses the largest Shiva lingam in India which is 5.5 m (eighteen ft.) tall and 2.3 m (seven-point five ft.) broad.

These were some places inRaisen which we think will be worth your while. Let us know what you think! For more amazing readings, do not forget to click here!


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