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July 29, 2020 Travel Diaries


Rewa district

Rewa district takes its name from the town of Rewa, which is another name of the Narmada River. Moreover, Rewa includes the territories in the district which were held by the imperial Maurya dynasty, which ruled in the third century. Rewa then came under the Kalachuris from the beginning of the ninth century to the last of the twelfth century.



After the thirteenth century, Ulugh Khan, brother of Sultan Alauddin, drove the Baghela king east into the area, where he founded the Princely State of Rewa. The last dynasty successor was Martand Singh. The Rewa district came into existence in 1950 when the Provinces and States Order (transfer of enclaves) was put into effect. Prior to August 1947, the district, along with the Raghurajnagar tehsil of the former Rewa state, corresponded to the north state Rewa district.

Rewa Fort

Rewa fort is situated between two rivers. This provides a beautiful scenic to the fort. The Rewa fort is a good example of Indian architecture. Mostly, the main gate of the fort. This fort also gives accommodation facilities to tourists. It also has a restaurant and a museum. The main places to visit here are the museum hall, arms gallery, the cannon, royal silver throne, and the white tiger gallery. It is nearest to the Rewa Railway station. It is also well-connected with roads and autos are easily available.




Aware of the strong opposition that would come from some royals, the maharaja revealed his 23-year-old daughter, Mohena. She would want people to know her as an accomplished dancer rather than a princess, Princess of Rewa, Mohena Singh. Furthermore, She was the first girl from any royal family who participated in a reality show. However, She is among the eighteen finalists in the dance-based reality show Dance India Dance season 3, currently on the air.

She had a sheltered childhood in Madhya Pradesh. Also, She moved to Mumbai and pursued her passion for dance. She learned kathak and jazz and studied at St. Xavier’s College She is the first time anyone from a royal family has appeared in a reality show. She gave an audition for this show, knowing that it would not be easy for her family to accept her decision. Her father, Maharaj Pushparaj Singh the king ofRewa, approved of her learning to dance as he thought it was just a hobby.



He did, however, warn her that she was going to have to stop someday

She said she had to hide her selection in the audition rounds of DID from her father. It was only after being selected in the finals that she broke the news to him. He is yet to come in terms with it. Mohena was inspired to take up dancing by her Maharani Praveen Kumari, Princess of Kutch. Now she is a good actress in the television field and working in a drama “Ye Rishta Kya Khelata Hai.”

Rewahas a lot of stories to tell. It has stories of historical significance and stories that are going to be part of history. Do visitRewa and let us know your opinions about the place!

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