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July 14, 2020 Trending Subjects

By Sonia Singh | Vikas Dubey crime spanning 30 years

5 of murder including 62 cases

Uttar Pradesh there are 62 criminal cases against Vikas Dubey, including eight cases of attempt to murder and five cases of Murder. Vikas Dubey, back in 2001 allegedly chased BJP leader who then in UP become head minister of State rank. Santosh Shukla, inside Shivli police station in Dehat Kanpur, and in broad daylight shot him dead.

In Dubey’s favor, the shadow, gunner, and the murdered man’s personal staff gave statements. Previously two years, in 1999, one jhunna Baba in his Village had allegedly killed by Dubey and grabbed his properties and land too. He was accused in the murder of of of his retired principal and teacher of the local Tara Chand Inter College in 2000 and I was in jail for some time.



Furthermore, He started to receive political support after the murder of Santosh Shukla brought Dubey stature. He allegedly made an unsuccessful attempt on the life of his Rival in the year 2002 and Nagar panchayat Adhyaksh Lallan Bajpai. Who was allegedly killed over a dispute about rupees 20,000, subsequently, Dubey was linked to the murder of a cable operator named Dinesh Dubey. Dubey said, for 10 years he had been Pradhan of Bikru village, in an interview given in 2006.

UP Police busted Vikas Dubey and now urges For Revenge, Whither accountability: Dubious record

Moreover, Vikas Dubey, a fugitive Gangster arrested. His men killed eight Uttar Pradesh Police personnel after six days. Dysfunctional law and order system, the train’s spotlight on UP. However, Two cops that tipped off revelations, Dubey has embarrassed UP police.



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